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Komosis Hair Studio

Komosis Hair Studio may be a serene alpine sanctuary for pampering, relaxation and rejuvenation. Unwind to the calming sounds of rushing waterfalls and burbling mineral pools inviting you for a restorative soak. For quite a century, travelers have flocked to the present beautiful wild place on journeys of wellness and healing. Let the crisp mountain air and intensity of high-altitude oxygen inspire clarity of thought and renew your strength of purpose.

Warm Up Winter In Luxurious Ontario Spas

It’s a fact – cold winds, sub-zero temperatures and decreased sunlight can take their toll on even the toughest folks . to assist melt away winter blues, a spa getaway could be in your future.

The Ontario Canada spa industry has something for everybody , delivering unique experiences that combine nature, cultural influences, convenience and therefore the ultimate in relaxation. it’s catering to athletes and couples with day-long and weekend retreats.

There’s research to prove a touch pampering goes an extended way. From relieving muscle and joint pain, to increasing blood flow and speeding tissue repair, a massage is one among many spa treatments which will benefit both mind and body. So, whether it’s sore muscles, dry skin or simply an opportunity from the business of life, you’re bound to find something on our list of winter spa getaways which will assist you relax, recharge and boost your levels of healthy and happy.

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Energy makes the difference between just living… and living well. Komosis Hair Studio at Fairmont Banff Springs may be a sanctuary where the purity of oxygen intoxicates, strengthens and revitalizes both body and mind. Surrounded by mountains, ancient glaciers and emerald waters, Komosis Hair Studio aims to revive balance & energy.