Massage Experts in Ontario Canada

Komosis Hair Studio Massage Services

At Massage Experts Ontario, our massage services are designed to figure the soft tissue of the body with the intention of helping you achieve increased circulation, loosen tight muscle restrictions, reduce swelling from injury, alleviate sore aching muscles, then to go away with a sense of complete comfort and relaxation. Massage also can help to scale back recovery periods and release endorphins that help greatly to reduce depression and anxiety.

Muscle Recovery Deep Tissue – 60/90 minutes

Results – Muscle Recovery:- This strong-pressure massage enhances muscle recovery by targeting the areas that are sore from exercise or simply tension of lifestyle . Deep muscle work is combined with stretching, rocking and circulation- enhancing strokes to maneuver carboxylic acid out of the system. Mild soreness are often a result.

Stress Relief – Medium Pressure – 60/90 minutes

Restore – De-stress:- This customized, medium-pressure massage focuses on the areas of your body that are most tense – including your head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet – and involves the utilization of muscle-melting massage oil. this is often an excellent selection after a stressful day.

Alpine Aromatherapy – 60/90 minutes

Relieve – Calm:- This personalized experience with light to medium pressure massage will assist you find energy and balance throughout the day. Customize your massage with one among the subsequent aromatherapy blends: Lavender for calming, Revitalizing for renewal or Ginger for soothing.

Destination Rejuvenation – 60/90 minutes

Restore – Recover:- A selection of essential oils (to combat fatigue or facilitate altitude adjustment) distinguishes this medium-pressure massage. that specialize in the areas suffering from frequent travel – legs, neck, back, shoulders and feet – this treatment helps to manage sleep, hydrate skin, relieve tension headaches and restore energy.

Mother -to-Be- Massage – hour

Restore – Pampering:- This pampering experience – designed with the security of the mother and child in mind – involves gentle or unscented oils and support cushions for optimum comfort.

Shiatsu – 60/90 minutes

Relieve – Invigorating:- Translated as “finger pressure,” shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique that uses the thumbs, palms and elbows to control acupuncture points along the body’s meridians – or energy pathways – and enhance the flow of energy.