Body waxing in Belleville Ontario

Come Experience Our Pain Free Waxing Treatments And Get Silky Smooth Skin At Komosis Hair Studio, Belleville Ontario

At our Komosis Hair Studio in Belleville Ontario, we specialize in revealing the gorgeous skin you never knew you had. We use only the best and safe waxing products that remove your skin from the basis leaving your skin silky and smooth. you’ll remain stubble free for weeks.

When you come to our spa for you waxing needs you’ll be rest assured that we use only the simplest waxing products that are gentle on your skin. we provide a free consultation with our experienced waxing professionals who do a fast skin test on your skin before proceeding with the procedure. Our facial waxing products are one hundred pc tested and don’t cause any harmful effects.

Depository Wax:

Blue Wax may be a hard wax used for face, underarms, bikini and Brazilian bikini waxing. The wax is applied slightly thicker, dries and is peeled away (without strips). it’s a mild yet strong wax, perfect for tender areas which will even have stronger, coarser hair. We are one among the few spas that provide Blue Wax in Philadelphia as a part of our waxing services.

Aqua Marine Wax may be a soft wax used for legs, arms, back and chest areas. Used with strips, this is often the right “speed wax” product allowing large areas to be covered at just one occasion without worrying of it fixing or drying.

Features: These waxes are superior to the other product on the market: gentle, easy to use, and effective. Heated at low temperatures, the waxes are applied just above skin temperatures, have wonderful creamy textures, and are less sticky than traditional waxes.

  1. Half Leg Waxing
  2. Tummy Line Waxing
  3. Under Arms Waxing
  4. Upper Lip Waxing
  5. Chin Waxing
  6. Full Face Waxing
  7. Full Hand Waxing
  8. Full Leg Waxing
  9. Half Hand Waxing