Extension lashes in Belleville Ontario

All different types of eyelashes for you!

Eyelash extensions are proving that they aren’t just a trend anymore, they’re here to remain . So with numerous people deciding to dive into the planet of longer, more luscious lashes, the question comes up “which type is best for komosis hair studio

We’re here to inform you all about the various sorts of eyelash extensions and provides you a transparent picture. So between the minks and therefore the synthetics, we’ve got you covered! Here’s the low-down on lash extensions and the way many sorts there really are. After you’re done reading this text , you’ll know every option you’ve got with eyelash extensions. you’ll even be confident when booking a meeting to urge them done!

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelashes are seen on numerous celebrities lately, just check out Beyoncé! What makes them so attractive even in Hollywood? Well, minks are notorious for looking so real and natural. So it’s not enough to awaken with perfect lashes- they’re also made up of real hair! Really ideal for anyone going for a more natural, light look.

So, to recap, because they’re made up of real hair, they appear real. mention an upgrade on your original lashes!

Another recognizable feature mink eyelashes tend to supply include their light and feathery nature (they are very thin), making them easy to layer for a more dramatic look!

Faux Mink Eyelashes

Like the mink eyelashes, but synthetic! So why this type? For starters, they have a tendency to supply an equivalent look and feel of normal mink eyelashes, except for a lower cost. they’re also an ideal vegan option if you don’t want to use real hair! Another cool advantage about this sort of mink? they’re going to not lose their curl effect if they get wet, convenient right?

Synthetic Lashes 

Arguably the foremost dramatic of the lash extension types, synthetic lashes are the go-to lashes for a bold, glamorous look. just like the name suggests, these lash types are synthetic which suggests that they’re not made up of any sort of real fur. this suggests that they will even be found at a significantly cheaper price.

A benefit? These lashes are so full and bold that they eliminate the necessity for mascara and other touch-ups! Because synthetic eyelash extensions tend to be the smallest amount natural-looking lashes of the group, they’re absolutely perfect for special events and occasions where you actually want to form a press release .